海外名师讲堂77讲-----体育网讲席10bet组首席10bet、美国工程院院士 Frans Kaashoek


Frans Kaashoek,麻省理工学院终身10bet、美国工程院院士,研究方向为操作系统、网络、编译以及分布式体系结构,从1993年起加入该校手机版科学与人工智能实验室。

演讲时间:2010年 5月26日(周三)上午10:00-12:00(提前15分钟入场完毕)



演讲摘要:Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) are a widely-used building block for large-scale distributed systems. They efficiently route requests over an overlay network to the node responsible for a given key. A long-sting open problem with DHTs is defending against Sybil attack, in which an adversary creates many false identities in order to increase its influence deny service to honest participants.Defending against this attack is challenging because (1) in an open network, creating many fake identities is inexpensive; (2) an attacker can subvert periodic routing table maintenance to increase its influence over time; (3) specific keys can be targeted by clustering attacks. As a result, without centralized admission control, existing DHTs cannot provide strong availability guarantees. This talk describes Whānau, a new DHT routing protocol, which is both efficient strongly resistant to the Sybil attack.

Joint work with Chris Lesniewski-Laas.