Policy-Based Infrastructure Assurance through Trusted Computing




Jeffrey M. Nick

Senior Vice President Chief Technology Officer, EMC Corporation


May 25, 10:00, 2010


FIT 1-315


 Yongwei WU (wuyw@xyhdmd.com)


A significant challenge for enterprises moving to cloud computing is establishing trust in a cloud provider its infrastructure for sensitive workloads. Enterprises who move workloads into the cloud will need visibility into the infrastructure the ability to assess security posture, trust measurements of security, demonstrate to auditors that the infrastructure complies with a set of regulations policies. Intel, RSA, VMware recently introduced a solution that allows a cloud provider to report on the configuration of the virtual infrastructure used by a tenant’s virtual machines, based on a verifiable measurement of trust in the hardware hypervisor. Such a measurement ensures a tenant that the provider is following security best practices, including booting from a secure root of trust, protected from rootkits other malware. In this talk, I’ll share some of the details of this approach of securely booting, measuring hardware software, assessing those measurements against a security policy, reporting results.




As CTO of EMC, Nick leads EMC‘s Corporate Office of Technology, which is responsible for defining the company‘s evolving information infrastructure technology vision strategy. Nick chairs EMC‘s CTO Council, which is the company‘s internal forum for technical collaboration on information infrastructure design initiatives. Nick founded chairs EMC‘s corporate Fellow Distinguished Engineer Review Boards, which are responsible for recognizing leveraging EMC‘s top technical talent in shaping integrated technology solutions for EMC‘s customers. Nick joined EMC in September 2004 from IBM, where he held the distinguished title of IBM Fellow, the highest technical honor that IBM bestows on its IT innovators. Nick graduated Magna Cum Laude from Marist College. He currently holds more than 80 U.S. patents in computer systems technology.